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Your home for high-quality, easy-access primary care for all ages.


How Our Clinic Works


This is a retainer practice, also known as "concierge" medicine. With this model, you pay an out of pocket expense in addition to regular health insurance for extra medical services provided. As a member of the practice you will have high-touch primary care services for the year, supported with 24/7 communication tailored to help you achieve your health objectives.

Appointments are generally available on a same or next business day basis, with few exceptions. You will always see Dr. McEwen, not a Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner. You may be assisted in the clinic by our nurse. She is an experienced RN/BSN, and will be present for all sensitive exams and procedures.


If you have any questions, you will have 24/7 HIPAA-compliant messaging, as well as your doctor's cell phone number and e-mail address, if you wish to contact him that way. You will never have to dial around a phone tree to reach someone by phone. We can, where appropriate, handle many healthcare needs over text, email, phone, or virtual visit as needed to minimize your time lost to what would normally be an in-person visit at other practices.

In support of our one-stop-shop mindset, we draw labs while you are here in the clinic, preventing an additional trip to a lab.  We also administer vaccinations in the clinic in addition to dispensing many commonly-prescribed, time-sensitive medications (antibiotics, steroids, etc) free of cost directly from the office to save you on pharmacy costs and wait times.


Member Benefits:
Adult and Pediatric Care Services

Relatively Advanced Primary Care Before Consulting a Specialist
60 Minute Appointment Slots, So We are Never Rushed
Direct Cell Phone & Email Access to Dr. McEwen

Common Medications Dispensed from Clinic
A Non-Corporate Medical Clinic
Regular Preventative Care and Wellness Visits
LGBTQIA+ Friendly
No Open-Enrollment Restrictions – Sign up Anytime

General Hours Below
Visits outside of these hours available as needed on case by case basis.

Monday - Thursday 9:00 am - 4:30pm
Friday 9:00 - 12:00

Contact Us

Phone - 541-275-2864

Fax - 541-219-5290

Thanks for your inquiry. I will contact you soon.

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