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Dr. R. Alden McEwen III, MD


Attentive, responsive, and LGBTQIA+ friendly, I am a physician who seeks to work collaboratively with patients to reach their optimal health within the patient's values and goals of care. I strongly focus on evidence-based best practice.


I have a broad background in medicine, having completed a total of six years of post-graduate education following medical school (normal primary care is 3 years) as well as 4 years as a house-call physician. I started my medical career in the operating room with a year of general surgery at the Ochsner Clinic in New Orleans and two years of Anesthesia at the University of Iowa, before re-specializing into Rural Family Medicine at Louisiana State University in Bogalusa, LA for an additional 3 years of training. The rural and diverse background of my training allows me to comfortably treat a broad range of relatively advanced disease before needing to refer to a specialist.


Additionally, throughout my family medicine training and after, I have worked part-time in emergency rooms to keep my critical care skills sharp, a practice that continues to this day. I am also specifically trained in women's health, allowing me to provide gynecologic healthcare to my patients including PAP smears, IUD/nexplanon placement and removal, endometrial biopsy, and pregnancy termination. This broad exposure to so many fields of medicine also gives me an excellent perspective to guide our medical decision making and preventing the overmedicalization of patients.


Finally, medicine is a second career for me. I worked in aviation, logistics, and information technology before going to medical school. I was a patient long before I was a doctor, and I keep that perspective in mind with all of my patient interactions. Prior to starting my independent primary care practice, I worked at a standard fee-for-service medical practice in Eugene for over two years. 

Madison McEwen, BSN, RN


A native of the PNW, my family later moved to Iowa, In 2013 I graduated from the University of Iowa with dual bachelors degrees in Nursing and Political Science. My past areas of specialization include NICU, breast/chest feeding support, and pediatric triage. When not at the clinic, I'm wrangling our household of two kiddos, dog, and three cats.

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