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 A few comments from past patients

"I have never felt so heard by a doctor before this appointment. Dr.M is thorough and compassionate and more importantly he is not judgmental in the slightest. He seems to truly care about his patients."

"Friendly and helpful staff. Doctor took the time to explain his reasoning for medication and treatment plan. Took my feelings into account and made me feel as a partner in my treatment plan. "

"I really appreciate how thorough they were. It was like a one stop shop and they got everything taken care of. I appreciate their kindness as well. It made going to the doctor a really nice experience."

"I wanted to thank Dr. Mcewen  for not making me feel bad about being in recovery for opiate addiction.  I've had experiences where dr's and medical staff and even pharmacists have looked at me or treat me like I'm a bad person or like I'm a drug seeker just because I had suboxone in my medical history (they weren't even the ones prescribing it). I've been able to get clean and be "normal" - including running a successful business for well over 8 years now and it's just nice not to feel like I'm being judged for my addiction and past bad decisions.  "

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